Our Mission:

 To alleviate fear at its core, by re-introducing peace, understanding and
compassion to the people - where it is most important; in their own lives. 


 "What you think you become" 


Care of self is vital to our well being.  Self care enables success, leads to balance and opens the heart. 
How Can You Increase Joy in Your Life?

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  Self Care             Community           Balance

Self care, community and balance are the three keys to eliminating stress, maintaining a positive outlook and ultimately increasing joy in life. Everyone wants more joy. Everyone wants to know the feeling of a stress free life.  None of us wants to get caught up in negativity. By paying attention to ourselves and loving ourselves at least as much as we love those around us, we increase the amount of energy that we have to give (in love) to others.  I did say love ourselves as much as we love others, I know that sounds crazy - doesn't it?!  We are so used to scolding ourselves and oppressing our own needs, especially when we are parents, that the very idea feels wrong.  

Community is a big part of self care, because we are a social race.  Men and women have different needs, but the needs of both are still met by community.  Change cannot be stopped and transitions are difficult.  It is the community around us, who typically share our ideas and opinions.  Remember the adage - Birds of a feather flock together.  This is what gets us through transitions.  

Keeping a balance between our needs and wants; the demands of others and our own is imperative. It is when we put too much focus on a particular person, like our children, a significant other, or a needy parent that we lose focus on ourselves and our world is suddenly out of balance.  This is what exhausts us.  The need for nourishment must be balanced with the need to serve. 

The mind forms beliefs that tend to show in the physical body because the mind and the body are directly linked. Thus it is important to focus on balance between ourselves and community and to keep feeding the mind with positive thoughts.  We are what we think.  If we do not feel good about ourselves we become sick.  

What are your physical symptoms? Are you doing anything to nurture yourself? Are you filled with doubt, anger, fear, remorse?  Is it time to change your patterns and bring some joy into your life?  if so Read On!